In 2022, GoViral Digital produced, edited and delivered more than 30 videos for our clients around the globe. Scroll through our case studies below to see an overview of our work and learn how video campaigns can elevate your marketing strategy.

From animations that make complicated topics more understandable, to promotional videos for major clients in pharma, to dynamic and exciting videos for an event in Italy for a global A/V Solutions client, 2022 was the year of videos at GoViral!

Educating and Building Community

Client: PharmaLedger

Objective: Build a widely trusted platform to support the design and adoption of blockchain-enabled healthcare solutions that benefit the entire healthcare ecosystem, from manufacturers to patients.

Challenges: Lack of understanding of blockchain technology, negative attitudes toward Pharma, multiple stakeholders with differing needs

Explaining Complex Topics

Client: PharmaLedger

Objective: Explain the PharmaLedger project’s use cases for blockchain-enabled healthcare solutions (one video for each use case) and gain buy-in from viewers in the healthcare industry and beyond.

Challenges: Translating dense industry jargon into clear and precise language, convincing the viewer to believe in relatively new technology, mapping and defining the healthcare ecosystem

Demonstrating New Products

Client: PharmaLedger

Objective: Describe how the product works (in this case, an electronic Product Information (ePI) solution accessed through the PharmaLedger app) and demonstrate how to use it.

Challenges: Communicate the purpose and the promise of a product in the final stages of development, highlight a better way to do business, demonstrate the unique value proposition

Bringing Attention to a Cause and Crowdfunding Campaign

Client: Emoshees

Objective: Raise awareness of toys for emotional learning, educate on the importance of emotional intelligence from childhood to adulthood, test the market for this product in the U.S., attract funding for an IndieGogo campaign to support launch of the product in the U.S.

Challenges: Products purchased through the campaign were pre-sales, meaning customers had to wait (no immediate shipping), creating a new brand identity, translating the brand voice from Czech to English

Promote the Activities of a Project

Client: MSD/Merck

Objectives: Showcase solutions and guide external business partners on how to implement them, increase buy-in for blockchain technology in the healthcare industry

Challenges: Lack of understanding of blockchain technology, complicated processes for implementation, target audience represents many different language backgrounds

Elevating Brand Image and Products

Client: Jabra

Objectives: Showcase products and position the brand as experts in the field. Highlight key differences between products in the same series. Create a welcoming, dynamic atmosphere that corresponds to Jabra’s brand voice and motivates attendees to sell, sell, sell.

Challenges: Short deadline, site-specific videos created remotely, implementing new branding

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